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Friday 3rd February

A very big well done to our class ‘Pupil of the Week’, who was chosen for being simply sensational. She has overcome every challenge thrown her way! A real superstar!no


A huge well done also goes to our ‘Reading Superstars’. These are the children in our class who have read at home each day this week and remembered to bring in their Reading Record book signed. We are having a big focus on reading as it is so essential to the progress that children make. Please can we ask for your support in this as it really does make a massive difference to the progress of your child. 


In English, we have continued to use the hilarious book

‘Vesuvuis Poovius’ by Kes Gray. First, we reminded ourselves about the features of a newspaper, then went on to plan and write our own articles. WOW, we clearly have a number of budding journalists as they produced some great work! Next, we worked on our comprehension skills and answered questions about the book. After that, we explored rhyming words and wrote our own rhyming sentences. Some of them were really funny! Finally, today we learnt about speech and had to work out where the inverted commas and other punctuation went in our sentences.

In our reading groups, some of us have begun a new book called Petar’s Song. We have been thinking carefully about it and what is happening in the story. We have predicted what we thought each section would be about before reading it, clarified words we weren’t sure about, asked questions to help us understand what we had read and then summarised the main points. Please can we remind you to try and do this at home when you read together as it’s a great way of helping your child to understand what they are reading. We are doing this with each book we read together in school.

Maths this week has been finishing looking at multiplication and division, revisiting the methods we have learnt and then using them to solve real life word problems. Some of the children have found this tricky so it would be great if you could help by practise this at home.

A very special mention to those children why have got their 2s,5s, and 10s times table band. Keep up the great work, you are fantastic!

In Computing, the children blew our socks off by how they were able to use the computer programming software ‘Scratch’ to create a Roman quiz by

Science this week, has been learning all about shadows and how they are formed.

Our Roman’s topic was really interesting, we looked at understanding how and why the Roman army was so successful and what life was like as a Roman soldier. We are all excited about next week as we are having a special visitor in school …a Roman soldier! Find out next week what we did for the day.


What a week! All that’s left to say is have an amazing weekend and we will see on Monday!