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Friday 3rd March 2017

Welcome back to 4W's blog. 

Here we are again updating you on the fantastic work we have done this week. We have crammed so much in it is difficult to believe that it has only been a week since the half term break.


Let's kick off by saying congratulations to Callum, this week's class award winner. We went swimming for the first time this week (more about this later in the blog) and it was noted that Callum displayed the high standards of behaviour expected from the children whilst out of school. Well done, Callum.


In English, we have been focusing on speech this week and using the correct punctuation when using direct speech in our writing. To help us with this we were given characters to be and enjoyed taking part in some role play. We enjoyed having conversations with each others and then practised writing speech by writing down what we had said. Some of us got to be characters such as Super Mario, Uncle Grandpa, Scooby Doo, Peter Pan, Minnie Mouse, BFG and Sophie.

We had some very interesting conversations indeed, but it certainly helped us to write direct speech correctly!

We have also practised contractions (no midwives involved!). These are words that we can put together to make a shorter (contracted) word e.g. I am can be written as I'm. We had to make sure we remembered the apostrophe in the right place too. Punctuation is everywhere!

Have a go with these below. Can you make the contracted form?

did not =

does not = 

they are = 

I have = 

will not = 

Now proof read for punctuation - did you remember the apostrophe?

We got so good at contractions that we were able to prove that a vowel ALWAYS 'pops out' and  SOMETIMES so does a consonant.


In Maths, we have been using the work we did recently on fractions to help us to learn more about decimals. Did you know that 1 tenth is the same as 0.1?

Did you also know that when you multiply a number by 10 the digits in that number move one place to the left. We told you we've worked hard this week.

Try these:

0.5 x 10 =

1.8 x 10 =

26.9 x 10 =

142.3 x 10 =

We also went on to work out that when we divide by 10 then the digits move one place to the right!

Decimals are everywhere. Look closely around you and you will start noticing them. We even found them at the swimming baths. The depth of the small pool was 0.9 m


Have you noticed we have mentioned swimming a couple of times already? That's because we have been so excited about finally starting swimming!! And boy is was worth the wait. We had a fantastic time on Wednesday in the pool and everybody did really well. The instructors were very impressed with our swimming and our conduct in and out of the pool. We can't (notice the contraction!) wait for Wednesdays now. 


Thursday, 2nd March was World Book Day and my goodness what a lot of effort we put into dressing up. We enjoyed celebrating the day immensely. After all it's not every day you get to sit next to Mrs Twit, Alice in Wonderland, a Storm trooper or hold Fantastic Mr Fox's bag of chickens!



Finally, we got to wear our own clothes again on Friday as we were the class with the highest attendance again in the last week before the half term break. Not only that but we got 100%! Now that is worth celebrating. Well done 4W.

We are now going for the hat-trick. Come on 4W we can do this!!