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Friday 3rd May

Hello and welcome back to the Yr 5W blog.



We started the week carrying on with the multiplication of fractions, remembering to simplify the answer. Knowing our times tables definitely helps with this.

We then moved on to finding fractions of amounts. This is where you divide the amount by the denominator and if necessary (when the numerator is larger than 1) multiply by the numerator.


                So :-    2/5 of 35 = 35 divided by 5 equals 7

                          Then  7 x 2 = 14

                          2/5 of 35 = 14


Following this we looked and worked on word problems with the assistance of the BAR model to help us work them out. So if the word problem was something like this:- In a bag of 8 marbles 1/4 of them are blue, the rest are red. How many red marbles are there? 

Using  the BAR model it is clear to see the answer is 6

We also did questions for learning this week, which is a computer program that we work through at our own pace.



English was all about understanding the vocabulary in the context it had been written. We used our dictionary skills the find the meaning of highlighted words within a text.

After this, we worked on character descriptions, using adjectives to describe looks, feelings and personalities.

The characters in question were Theseus, the Minotaur and Ariadne.

On Wednesday we read and answered questions on a different myth Perseus and Medusa. We also looked at parenthesis, adding extra detail, to improve our sentences.



We performed the experiment (which object dropped the quickest) and recorded our results. We noted that each group didn’t all get the same result




We had another visit from Joanne this week, who came to talk to us about alcohol.




Carrying on our topic on ancient Greece, we looked at a map to see where in the world it is. We then had a map of Europe where we had to find and colour in Britain and Greece. Then we bullet pointed facts we had remembered from the power point. Did you know that Greece is made up of mainland Greece and approximately 3000 islands?

Pupil of the week… Aaron for constantly going above and beyond in his learning, even conducting his own research about our topic (Ancient Greece)

Why not have a read of his hard work below?



May we say a Happy Birthday to Jake, who celebrated his special day on Wednesday and very kindly brought us all some sweet treats. Thank you to Miss Ollerton for the sweets for her birthday on Friday and finally Olivia whose birthday is on the 4th May. We hope you have a lovely day Olivia and thank you for the goodies you brought for us too.


Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.