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Friday 3rd November

Welcome back. Hope you had a good break.


This week in English has been SPOOKY WEEK. It started by looking at some spooky poetry, a piece called "The Visitor" by Ian Serrailier. We examined how the poet creates tension and suspense. Later in the week, we planned and wrote a spooky description, calling upon some of the techniques we'd seen. 


In maths, we have solved multi-step problems involving the 4 operations. In particular, we looked at how sometimes after division, one must round up or dowm to the nearest whole number in order to satisfy the question.  


In topic, we finally waved goodbye to World War 2 and the Battle of Britain by completing an assessment task that required children to list key events chronologically and supply information about what life was like. Now onto the new topic of ........ CAPITALS!


Bye for now