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Friday 3rd November

Hello and welcome back to the second half term. We hope you all had a good break and are refreshed and ready t learn.



Arithmagons. . . Arithma. . . what? We hear you say! To put it simply an arithmagon is a logical, numerical puzzle. Here the numbers in the circles add up to the numbers in the squares.

We were given arithmagons where numbers were missing (sometimes the numbers in the squares and sometimes the ones in the circles.) it was a little tricky at first, but we soon got the hang of it.

Challenge yourself to some on the following interactive game

We then went on to look at subtraction. The tricky part is when you have to exchange/borrow from the next column: especially when the top number contains a lot o zeros.


We started to look at a new short story this week: Bling. Miss Power gave us some pictures in a chronological order and we had to predict what we thought the story was about using only the pictures as clues. We then read some of the story to see if our predictions were correct. Following that, we had a copy of the text and we had to highlight parts of the text that told us more about Billy: the boy in the story. After reading some of the story and finding out that Billy was granted a wish by a magical elf (called a Chimichanga) we had to;

  1. Imagine we were Billy and write what we would wish for.

  2. Think if we had a wish, what would we wish for and why?

    We then read some more of the story before answering a third question

  3.  Would Billy be happier with his new friends and why?


We continued looking at life cycle stages this week; namely that of the dragonfly. Did you know that the dragonfly spends most of its life under water as a larval nymph? It literally eats and eats for two years before emerging up from the pond to complete the metamorphosis and become an adult dragonfly.


Our new topic is on the Vikings. We were allowed laptops to do some research and write down some facts. The Vikings came from three countries of Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Viking age in European history was about AD 700 to 1100.The name ‘Viking’ comes from a language called ‘old norse’ and means ‘a pirate raid’

Pupil of the Week is

Danika Gordon for gaining in confidence and taking charge of her own learning: resulting in achieving 2 times table band in one week. Absolutely Brilliant!



Wishing Amber Raymond a happy birthday for the 31st October; we hope you enjoyed your special day.


Finally have a very enjoyable but safe Bonfire Night.