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Friday 4th December

We have had another very busy week in year 3F!


A huge well done to Krystal who won this weeks pupil of the week for the whole of lower ks2! Krystal is always ready to learn, makes the right choices and is a pleasure to teach. This is noticed by lots of other staff in the school.


Our super readers this week are: Anmol, Michael, Mollie, Scarlett, KJ and Ethan. Well Done guys keep it up!




This week in maths we have been learning how to divide. We learnt that dividing is splitting items equally into groups. We started by using repeated subtraction on a numberline, we were all fab at this! So Mr Fletcher gave us bigger numbers to divide and moved us on to the bus stop method, it is so much fun!



This was our last week looking at the Stone Age Boy, next week we will move on to a new book. This week we looked at animals in the Stone Age and we had to use 2A sentences and similies to describe them. We also wrote a review about the book we have been reading!



We have been so fab in our p.E lessons that Reece and Bethan from Wigan told Mark about us. He didn't believe them so he came down with his film crew and filmed our session to show all the other coaches. It was lots of fun!



We continued to look our topic of Advent, We looked at the very first Christmas card and how they have developed over the years. We then designed and created our own Christmas/ Winter card.



It was our final rehersal ready for the big drumming assembly, we can't wait for you all to see it!