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Friday 4th March

Wow what a week!


It was fantastic to see you all at our special persons assembly on Wednesday, we hope you enjoyed it. We certainly enjoyed performing!

You can find the link to the video below.


This weeks award went to the whole of Year 3 for their amazing musical extravaganza. They were truly superb and there was not a dry eye in the place. Well Done!



We have continued to look at money and we have learnt how to give change from various amounts. Next week we are moving onto geometry, where we will be looking at angles!



We have been continued to look at Matilda our new focus book. We then wrote about Westfield as a school, ready to make comparisons between Matildas school and ours. On Friday we were tested on our spellings, many of us got our red spelling badge and some even got our orange!



We focussed on the Roman Invasion of Britain, did you know it took them 3 attempts and over 100 years to invade the North of Britain because the Celts were so determined to keep their own land.



Maddame Wilson came back and we looked at ways of travelling to France. There are four main ways to travel. Do you know them?