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Friday 4th May

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog.



In maths, after completing our work on multiplying mixed numbers by a whole number( which some of us found really tricky) we went onto multiplying decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. We also compared numbers with different decimal places. For example, which is bigger?

                                            3.4 or 2.34

the answer being 3.4 because although it only has 2 digits it has a greater whole number.

Try the interactive decimal game.


We carried on working on our wordless book ‘Tuesday’. Miss Power gave us three pictures from the book and our job was to create vocabulary lists for them. This progressed to writing sentences, with a twist. We weren’t allowed to start them with ‘the’. So we used lots of fronted adverbials.

E.g. As the sun slowly set in the sky, the reeds danced silently below the pastel tinted hue. Not a sound, not a ripple, but an eerie silence enveloped the lake.

Following this we were given more pictures from the book to write sentences about. Our focus was to start our sentences with two adverbs (slowly and silently) (carefully and timidly) for example and also include parenthesis, similes and adjectives.

Also this week we did some work on Inference. We were given a picture of a little child whose hair was full of suds. We had to give our thoughts on what and why the child looked as it did. There are no right or wrong answer so long as we backed up what we thought with reasons for it.


Our work on Gravity carried on this week with the planning of an experiment to see the difference between mass and weight.

Mass is the amount of ‘stuff’ inside an object and is measured in Kilograms (Kgs).

Weight is actually a measure of the strength of gravity acting on an object. It is measured in Newtons (N).

We are going to select 5 objects and using a Newton meter and scales record the mass and weight of each one.


This week was our last visit from HHKids. This week was all about role play. We were given different scenarios and given a script to read and act in an aggressive, passive or assertive manner to see which the best way to deal with the situation was. We found being assertive was the best way.

Following that we wrote our own script on someone trying to persuade another person to smoke or drink alcohol; then acting them out to the rest of the class.


Pupil of the week is Leah Bibby for soldiering on despite having fractured her elbow. Her commitment to her work has not diminished. smiley no


Have a great bank holiday weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.