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Friday 4th May

Friday 4th May


Welcome to Year 5F’s blog for this week. It has been another busy week and the children have been working hard


On Wednesday, a company called HH Kids came in to school to work with the children This session was all about being assertive. The children learned how to handle difficult situations when asked to have a cigarette or an alcohol drink in a firm, positive, friendly way. They learned different methods to use…


  • Tell the facts (cigarettes contain over 4000 harmful chemicals, alcohol can be addictive)

  • Use the broken record technique (keep repeating the same thing)

  • Change the subject (I’ve got a new computer game. Do you want to come and play it with me?)

  • Make an excuse (need to go home as it’s tea-time)

  • Say NO and walk away!

    After, that the children came to the front and acted out different situations that they might find themselves in. Then, they worked with a partner and wrote their own script of a tricky situation, and how to handle it in an assertive way.

Maths – This week the children continued investigating how to multiply a fraction by a mixed number (a whole number with a fraction). Later in the week, we moved on to comparing decimal numbers. Take a look at this website which allows you to compare decimal numbers…

English - The children have continued to look at a wordless book called Tuesday by David Wiesner. They have used some of the pictures from the book and written a description of what’s happening. Here is some of their work…

Science – The children have continued with their topic all about FORCES. They have learned that mass is the matter or ‘stuff’ that things are made up of and is measured in kilograms. Weight is measured in newtons and is the force of gravity pulling us down. They have begun to plan an experiment using classroom objects to compare the mass with the weight.


Here is our certificate winner this week. He won for performing a short sketch about being assertive in front of the class. This demonstrated great courage – well done. smileysmileysmiley A BIG congratulations from us all in 5F as he went on to win the Upper Phase Pupil of the Week trophy.

All that remains is to say goodbye for this week. The sun is going to make an appearance so have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend. nonono