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Friday 4th October

Hello and welcome back to this week’s blog!smiley


In maths this week, we have continued with our work on addition and subtraction and have been problem solving and reasoning with these operations. Some of them were really wordy and it took some determination to work through them – but in true year 6 style…perseverance and determination got us through it!wink


In English the children got to finally write their very own portal stories and what imaginative stories they were! We had a range of worlds and dimensions that the children were transported to from winter wonderlands to candy lands!

In history we discussed the difference between primary and secondary sources and how they help us find things out about past events. We also made our very own propaganda posters and continued our plane animations which links out history topic and computing.yes


As always, it’s been a very busy week in 6W. We hope you have a good weekend and we look forward to lots more next week.


See you on Monday

Love from Mrs Parry & Mrs Melling xxsmiley