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Friday 5th April

Hello and welcome back to our final blog for this term...can you believe how quickly it's gone??


Well your children have worked incredibly hard this term and we are immensely proud of the progress they have made. We have covered everything from the Victorians to the circulatory system and co-ordinates to angles. We have read a range of novels, which include: Oliver Twist, Hetty Feather and Street Child and have enjoyed each one of them!


I really enjoyed seeing you at parent's evening and would also like to say a special thank you to those who attended the workshop - I hope it was beneficial to you.

We say goodbye to Mr Jackson from our class this term...he's not going far - just to year 3 but it has been great to have him in our class.


All that is left for us to say is have a great break and we will see you all back on the 23rd!

Love from Mrs Parry and Mrs Melling xx