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Friday 5th April

Hello and welcome to the last 5W blog of this Spring Term.


Our focus was still fractions. At the start of the week we were adding mixed numbers.

Eg. 2 ¼ + 3 ¼ = 5 ½ (2/4 is the same as 1/2)

Obviously if the fractions have different denominators you have to make them have the same before you can add them.

You can either add the whole numbers first followed by the addition of the fractions or turn the mixed numbers into improper fractions before adding them.

We followed this by subtraction of mixed numbers.


After writing up our final reports on endangered animals, we did some work on inference. This is a tricky part of comprehension as ‘to infer’ means to form an opinion or work something out from what someone says or does, even though they do not actually say it.




In science we wrote up our finding from the experiment we undertook using a Newton meter. This included what we were investigating, the equipment used, how we made it a fair test and what the conclusion was. We accompanied this with illustrations.


Spring Assembly

We hope you enjoyed our Spring Assembly as much as we enjoyed performing it. We particularly enjoyed singing the song from Annie the musical (Tomorrow).




Topic was all about art this week. Our stimulus was mountain ranges and our task was to produce a ‘layered’ coloured card image in either warm or cool colours.

Pupil of the week… is a ‘two for the price of one this week’;

with Liliana and Terence sharing the certificate. They both overcame   difficulties during the Easter assembly to ensure ‘the show went on’. We are very proud of you both.



We hope Maisey and Kayden have Happy Birthday celebrations in the holidays.

Have a great Easter Break. Let’s hope we have some sunny weather. Don’t eat too many Easter eggs and we’ll see you again on Tuesday 23rd April, St Georges Day!