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Friday 5th January

Hope you all had a peaceful break but this week has been back to Westfield with a bang! Well, not literally - the children have actually come back to school really switched on! A good sign as in many ways this is the most important term as we rev up our preparation for SATS.


In English we have been looking at homophones as the English language contains many words that sound the same or are spelled the same but have different meanings: some common ones include to, too, two; there, their, they're; here, hear; no, know to name but a few. Do you know how to differentiate between them?


In maths we have introduced percentages and percentage bubbles as a means of calculating percentages of amounts. Typically Y6 need to calculate things like 35% of 80 or 45% of 84. We will then go on to solve problems using percentages. Try this: A pair of trainers has been reduced by 25% in the sales. They now cost £45. What was their original price? 


In topic we are continuing for a while with Capitals. We have compared the River Thames in London to our very own Duggie. Not surprisingly, there aren't many similarities other than their both being English rivers, but lots of differences. 


Have a great week, won't you