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Friday 5th January 2018

Hello and a Very Happy New Year to you all. Let’s hope it’s a healthy, fun filled, productive 2018.

It might have been a shortened week but we’ve still been busy.


Maths was all about multiplication. We looked at multiplying 3 and 4 digit numbers by a single digit. It can be quite tricky especially when you have to carry.


                                                             X 4


                                                             2  3


We also looked at word problems involving multiplication.

Try out the game.


We hit the ground running this week; looking at the different uses of commas.

  • The first use is when used in a list; where the commas separate the items.

    At the shops I bought some bread, milk, butter and eggs.

  • Secondly, they can be used to add extra information in a sentence (at the beginning as you see here) or embedded in the sentence.

    The old man, who lived alone, wandered down the lane. You will notice the sentence makes sense with or without the part within the commas.

  • Thirdly to separate the speaker from direct speech.

    Jessica barged through the door and shouted, “FIRE!”


    We then looked as writing in the past tense and the different rules when changing the ending of the verbs.

    Sometimes you just add ‘ed’ e.g. walk – walked, shout – shouted

    When words end with a ‘y’ you exchange the ‘y’ for an ‘i’ and add ‘ed’

    cry – cried, marry – married, reply – replied

    Other times you need to double the consonant (when the vowel sound is short) shop – shopped, grab – grabbed, beg – begged

    Then finally, just to confuse things, there are no rules.

    go – went, have – had, catch – caught.

    As you can see it’s a mind field!

    Then finally, we completed a comprehension on a part of the ‘How to train your Dragon’ text.


We looked at the Anglo-Saxon kings and compared them to the Viking leaders. In particular King Alfred the Great, who defeated the Viking king Guthrum and so, became the first ‘King of all England’ and his grandson Athelstan who carried on fighting the Vikings to gain more land.


Pupil of the Week is Duncan Faulkner;

for impressing Mrs Roche with his extensive and detailed knowledge of the Viking invasion. A super historian!



Happy Birthday to Carly. Hope you had a super day!


Have a good weekend.