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Friday 5th July 2019

In this week's blog, we'd like to share our work from Science.  As you may know, our topic has been all about sound.  Wow -what a `cracking' investigation we did.  It was so exciting, we almost `popped'!  Mrs Marron pointed out just how true it is "that once you pop, you just can't stop!"

Our teachers showed us how to make paper poppers.  The type we made is the second method on this website. Here

To begin with, our teachers showed us how to make them.  We made them from old newspapers.  Then, we discussed how we might investigate the volume that the `pop' made.  We decided to investigate whether the size of the popper made a difference to how loud the pop was.  We made two different sizes, our teacher made a 3rd that was even larger.  Take a look at our work below.


Still image for this video
We discovered that size did affect the volume.  We came up with this generalisation -`the bigger the popper the louder the pop' (higher volume), `the smaller the popper the lower the pop' (lower volume).