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Friday 5th October

Hello again, 

Hope you liked our animations. We enjoyed making them. 


This week in English we have been reading and exploring different sources that offered an insight into how it was to be an evacuee of World War II. We read fiction and non-fiction, watched old news reels and interviews of people who can remember back to the time they left their home to be safe from bombs. For many it was a positive time; for some it was a torturous time, with lots in between. All of it - fascinating! 


In maths we have been solving single and multi step problems involving addition and subtraction. To this end, we have introduced a strategy called Bar Modelling that enables pupils to organise all the information within the question and thus be able to see what calculations are needed to obtain the solution. It's tricky at first but with perseverance it could prove to be a very useful tool.


It's our trip to Imperial War Museum next week. If you haven't already done so, please send in your child's permission slip and voluntary contribution ASAP.


have a great weekend,

Bye for now!