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Friday 6th December 2019

Well come back to our Year 4 blog.  It's been another eventful week here in Year 4.

On Monday afternoon we had a really important visitor in school.  Lauriane Lebreton is Angers Ambassador this year.  As you will know, Wigan is twinned with the French town of Angers.   Each year an ambassador from Angers spends sometime her in Wigan.  We were really lucky to meet them as they have such a busy time whilst they are her.  Mrs Wilson, who teaches us French each Wednesday afternoon, invited the ambassador in to meet us.

Here are some really amazing facts about the twinning and Angers -

  • Wigan has been twinned with Angers for over 30 years (it was made official in 1988)
  • The twinning has grown in that time an now includes links between businesses, schools and colleges, and community groups
  • Angers is in the west of France and around 160,000 people live there (around 300,000 live in Wigan)
  • Angers is the capital of the province called Anjou
  • The city was there before the Roman Empire


So yes, it was a great afternoon and we learnt lots about Angers in France.


In Maths this week, we have been completing our unit on length and perimeter.  Perimeter is the outside line of a shape.  On squared paper it's easy as you count the squares around the outside.  However, it's just as easy without the squares.  If a rectangle is 6cm by 3cm, you simple add 6 and 3 then double it.  This is because this rectangle has two lengths of 6cm, and two widths of 3cm.  Here is an online activity for perimeter for you to explore.  Here


Finally, because our school guitarist is back, we got to sing in assembly! Whoop! Whoop!  Wow, we've missed singing (but don't tell him as he'll never get his head out of the doorwink​​​​​​​).