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Friday 6th July

Hello, and welcome back to year 5W blog.


We started the week looking at and measuring angles. We had to say if the angles were acute (less than 90˚), obtuse (greater than 90˚but less than 180˚) or a reflex angle (greater than 180˚but less than 360˚). Then, using a protractor, we measured as accurately as possible, the angles.



We carried on our work on Myths and Legends; reading and answering questions on Perseus’s quest.


It was time for a new topic; materials and their properties.


After looking at various images of Greek Pots, we got to design our own. This is in preparation for making our own.

Pupil of the week is . . . CJ on your last day at Westfield. Well, it’s really a goodbye and a bag full of good luck wishes for you. You’ve been a great member of year five, we’ll miss you, and we hope you will enjoy your new school.


Child Reporter


Just like last week, I’ve asked one of the children to write some of the blog. This week Amber Foster has contributed. She has written about the transition days, which took place on Thursday and Friday mornings.

Today, 5/7/18, was transition day. In maths, we recapped column addition. Then, we did something new called ‘caterpillar maths’ which is where you have a main number

e.g. 32

If the number is even, you half it, but if the number is odd, you must add 1 to the number. You do this until you get to the end (number 1).

After that, we did English. Mrs Parry said that we would be learning about a new book named ‘The Giant’s Necklace’. We had to predict what we thought it was about; starting with ‘I see, ‘I think’ and ‘I wonder’. Mrs Parry also said that we would be able to take the book home with us. Time went really fast in year 6, but we all still enjoyed it!


Happy Birthday to Leah and Codie A who both celebrated their birthdays this week.


Finally, don’t forget to get your Westfest Tickets. It takes place on Thursday 12th July and is sure to be a lot of fun.




Enjoy your Weekend!