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Friday 6th July

Welcome back!


It's been real quiet these last few days as the majority of Y6 have visited Dean's Trust for their high school transition visit. Y6 teachers themselves have been visited by their new classes so it has been transition all round. 


Meanwhile, in English (well, science really, although we showed our science understanding via formal writing) we have stepped into the shoes of Charles Darwin and provided insight into why a range of creatures evolved certain adaptations to assist in their survival. 


In maths we have learned the Mayan number system, which works in quite a very different way to the system we all know. Pebbles are ones, sticks are fives (but they aren't necessarily representing ones. They might be representing twenties or four hundreds depending on whether you see a seed which acts as a place holding zero. I promise it gets easy with a little practice. Honest!


One and a bit weeks to go. Can scarcely believe it. Now we have to get an assembly together that gives everyone a good send off so it doesn't get any easier. Not yet!


Have a good weekend !