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Friday 6th July

Friday 6th July


Welcome to Year 5F’s blog for the week. It has, as always, been a hectic and busy week with lots going on!


The children have been up to Year 6 this week to meet their new teachers, Mr Metcalfe and Mrs Lyon. They have had the opportunity to see what the work is like in Year 6 and feel what it’s like to be a Year 6 pupil. They have come back on both days beaming with smiles and are really looking forward to September when they will move into their new class.


Maths – This week the children have been investigating data. They have that data is information. It can be represented in many ways; as a table, a line graph, a bar chart, a pie chart, a pictogram, a Venn diagram or as a Carroll diagram. The children have been looking at line graphs and interpreting the information on them.


Have a look at this website which lets you explore interpreting line graphs for yourself…

English - The children have been reading a myth about the Greek hero (and demi-god) Perseus. During his life, he went on many dangerous quests. We read of the occasion he went on a quest to slay the Gorgon, Medusa, and bring back her head to the king. The children have ‘exploded’ the text thinking about what words mean and how the characters might be feeling. They have then answered comprehension questions about what they have read.


Topic – The children have created their final design for their Greek vase which they will be making next week using gummed brown paper!


Here is our certificate winner for this week. She won for being a constant source of help in the classroom. She is willing to undertake any task, always with a beautiful smile. Well done from all of us in Year 5F.


All that remains is to say goodbye for this week. We hope you have a great weekend and will see you again next week. Don’t forget to watch England playing their next match versus Sweden, in the World Cup quarter finals, on Saturday afternoon at 3pm on BBC1. Come on England!