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Friday 6th March


As promised, below are some extracts from our recently completed writing task, designed to instruct potential owners on how to care for a miptor ( a pet we have made up and are pretending is real). 




...................This loyal pet roams around the house freely. This is where it gets complicated. A miptor needs needs a mini pool for it to swim in. If it does not have a pool, it may end up losing part of its tail.




Angry, vicious, cruel - be warned, your loving, loyal friend can become very angry when it is threatened and the only way to calm him down is to sing sweet lullabies. 


Jessica K


Its razor-sharp claws gives it the ability to cut its food effortlessly. On the down side, you need to trim them regularly - twice a day - and it can be a challenge as they detest the feeling and can get frightened.




As can be seen, looking after a miptor can be challenging and if it is not done properly, it may result in serious injuries for you and your miptor. 


Now, I bet you could look after your Miptor with ease.