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Friday 6th May

Friday 6th May 2016


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for the week.


Maths – This week has been all about TIME. We have been looking at both analogue and digital clocks and how to tell the time on both. We began by looking at o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Then, we moved on to looking at telling the time at five minute intervals, both past the hour and to the hour. Next, we moved on to telling the time at one minute intervals. Finally this week, we looked at telling the time using the 24 hour clock. We can confidently tell the time in Year 5F now.


Take a look at this online game and see if you can tell the time too...

English – We have continued looking at the Ancient Greek myth Pandora’s Box. The children have written their own version of the story, from the point of view of Pandora. They began by looking at each event from the story in chronological order. They were given a very basic description which they then improved. The next day, they used these ‘bare bones’ of the story and padded them out with interesting adjectives (describing words), conjunctions (joining words) and fronted adverbials (openers to sentences). Finally, they edited their work to look for any missing punctuation, check any spellings they were unsure of with a dictionary and see if they could use a better adjective by looking in a thesaurus.

Science – We have begun a new topic all about MATERIALS AND THEIR PROPERTIES. The children have discussed why an object is made from a particular material. For example, why is a window made out of glass? Is it because it’s hard? Is it because it’s brittle? Obviously it’s most important property is because glass is transparent so we can see out of it! The children have looked at a variety of objects and thought about the material it is made from  which is its most important property. They then sorted them out and placed them according to their properties.


Take a look at this website which will help you to look at which kind of material is best to make an object out of...

Topic – We have continued with our topic all about the Ancient Greeks. The children have been finding out more about how life was in Sparta and Athens. They have been finding out about the Greek soldier, called a hoplite and what life would be like for them.


Click on the link below to find out more about what life was like for hoplites during Ancient Greek times…

Our certificate winner this week is Caiden for having a truly outstanding start to the summer term. He is applying himself to his work at every level! A HUGE well done to Caiden from all his class mates and teachers. smileynosmiley


Also, from Mrs Roche's class, the certificate winner this week is Caitlin for being a terrific time-telling superstar! Well done smileynosmiley


All that remains to say is to have a great weekend, the forecast is for glorious weather, and we will see you again on Monday.