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Friday 6th September

Welcome one and all!


We have been very busy this week getting into the swing of things! It sounds like you have all had a very busy and fun filled summer!


The children have jumped straight back into school life and have impressed all the staff from the word 'GO'!



We have been exploring 3-digit-numbers. Firstly, we represented 3 digit numbers using base 10. After that, we partitioned the numbers and finally wrote the numbers in numerals and words.



This week we have been focusing on 'The Pirates Next Door'. We started the week by thinking about rhyming words. Following that, we created a vocabulary circle of nouns and adjectives to describe Jim Lad. We used this vocabulary to write sentences, leading to paragraphs describing Jim Lad.



We began our new topic (Animals Including Humans). We focused on humans and why they need food. We then though about foods that are healthy and foods that are not.



In Topic we began to look at the wonderful world that we live in. This began with us learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We used an Atlas to label a map.



We began our year of PE by learning the importance of warming up. We played various games and compared how the different movements affected our heart rate.



This week we began our topic by learning how to access PurpleMash and discussing what a blog is.



We had a discussion about what makes us happy and then how we could make the classroom a happy place. From this discussion we decided on a list of class rules to make sure everyone in Y3F is happy!


Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all on Monday!



Mr Fletcher, Mrs Wilcox and Miss O'Brien!



*** Urgent - if you have a child in Reception F or W please do not send them into school today, they need to isolate. We will be in touch with further information in due course. ***