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Friday 6th September 2019

Hello and welcome to Year 4 Class Blog for 19-20.  We hope you have had a great break.

This week really has proved to be an exciting time.  The children are in their new classrooms with their new teachers.  They have settled in really well -already impressing their teachers.  Parents should feel proud.

In English we have been looking at expanded noun phrase.  A noun is a naming word.  They name things like people, places, objects and creatures.  So, words like boy, girl, park, town, pencil, pen, cat and dog are all nouns.  A phrase is a group of words.  An expanded noun phrase is a group of words that gives more information about the man.  Like this:


the man

the tall man from across the road


the lion

the wild, battle scarred lion of the savannah


Later, it the week we used what we had learnt to write a verse for a poem similar to one by Kit Wright.  The poem is called The Magic Box.  Take a look.


In Maths, we have been busy looking at place value.  We have been partitioning numbers, recombining numbers and recognising the value of digits based on their place within a number.  Say, would you like to try?

So, have a look at this number -7832  The 8 is underlined.  What is it worth?  Well, it helps sometimes if you read the number.  So, seven thousand, eight hundred and thirty-two.  So, the 8 is worth 800.

Do you think you can tell what these digits are worth?

  1. 4561
  2. 4596
  3. 3378
  4. 5412
  5. 6711


Well, that’s all for now folks -see you next week.






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