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Friday 7th December

Hello again!


It has been a week of contrasts this week. There has been the excitement of the Westfield Bake Off: a big well done and thank you to all who contributed; while also, assessments have been taking place in Year 6 in order to help determine the progress the children have made. While there is much work still to do, maths in particular, reveals improvement across the board. So well done to all!


Elsewhere this week, most of our electronic games are completed (circuits and all). They only now need to be tested to see how well they play. Make sure you come back again to see how good the games look. 


On a different note, please help your child to keep on top of their reading journal and briefly log what reading takes place at home. This does not just mean their school book: in fact, any time they have enjoyed reading any kind of text is really good evidence. 


Hope you have a good week,