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Friday 7th February

Hello everyone and welcome back to Y6F


Have a look at how devious and disgusting the children can be. Only joking! Using the language and features of instructions, we have created a gruesome guide aimed at making any teacher go craaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy!!!! Would they really do these:


Mischievously, balance a bucket of slime on top of the door.This will make all of the children roll around in laughter.  (Laycie)


Smiling mischievously, fill sirs draw with spiders. This will make sir squeal like a little girl while you and your friends laugh uncontrolably.  (Jessika)


Chuckling relentlessly, unscrew bolts on your teacher's chair so it makes him fall of in a crumpled heap. this is guaranteed to make the rest of the class roll around on the floor filled with laughter.   (Megan)


Laughing uncontrollably, sprinkle paprika powder in teacher's coffee. This will result in your teacher spitting his drink everywhere and to be drinking water for the next hour! He will never like coffee the same way again and will be furious for the rest of the day. He will be stomping his feet like a madman !HAHAHA! (Neve)


Sneakily, replace the sugar in the staff room with garlic powder. This will result in your teacher spitting their garlic rich tea all over thier fellow teachers. (Ella L)


When Sir`s not in the room, cautiously place a huge bucket filled with flour on top of the door and wait until he comes back. As soon as he comes in, he will become a furious, insane ghost! (Jess K)


Looking for witnesses, sprinkle grains of salt in Sir's coffee or tea. Watch with pure giggles as his face scrunches up into a ball of rage and frustration. (Lewis)


Carefully, place a rake outside the door so when your teacher goes outside he stands on it and it whacks sir/miss in the face. Watch your teacher get mad and scream like a big girl or cry like a big baby. HEHEHEHEHE!  THIS WILL BE SO FUNNY! ENJOY ! (ELLE)


Excitedly ,visit the Google website and get a cracked screen picture and set as his wallpaper on his computer and it will look like he has broken his computer. Watch Sir scratch his head in confusion. (Casey)


When the old fool is not looking, smash all the windows in the room and watch

horrible sir go red and steam coming out of his ears, (ELLE LEIGH)


Ghastly, as you can see!