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Friday 7th February

Friday 7th February 2020


Welcome to our blog for this week. It has been a busy week here in Year 5F!


Maths – This week the children have continued investigating perimeter of shapes. They have been looking at compound shapes with missing measurements and learning how to work them out. This website allows you to have a go for yourself at home…

English – This week the children have finished our class novel, The Jamie Drake Equation. It has been a ‘roller-coaster ride’ of a book and we have all enjoyed reading about Jamie’s experience with an alien life-form on his mobile phone and his dad’s adventure in space on the ISS. We can’t wait to find out what our new novel will be next week!


Topic – In Geography, the children been thinking about climate change and what affect this has on our mountains. They have imagined that they are an eco-tourist and thought about how to minimise the damage caused when we visit a foreign place.


Science – The children have been learning about famous astronomers from history and their theories about our solar system. They discovered that Aristotle and Ptolemy both believed that our planet, Earth, is at the centre of our solar system. This is known as the geocentric theory. They also learned that both Copernicus, and then later Galileo, had a different belief. They believed that the sun is at the centre of our solar system. This is called the heliocentric theory. Galileo was imprisoned for his belief as it disagreed with the church’s opinion. He was placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life.


Here is our certificate winner for the week. He won for always using impeccable manners. Congratulations from everyone in Year 5. yesyesyes

Also, all of Year 5F were awarded a certificate for giving up their break from learning to read an extra chapter of our class novel as they were desperate to find out how it ended!! smileysmileysmiley



All that remains to say is have a wonderful weekend and we will see you again on Monday.