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Friday 7th February 2020

Welcome back to the Year 4 Blog.  These weeks seem to be moving along really quickly, don't you think?  The nights are becoming a little lighter -which is always nice to see.


This week in Science we set up our very own water cycle.  The water cycle is a process that is happening all the time.  Outside in the real world, it is how rain is produced.  Water evaporates.  The speed at which it evaporates depends on temperature.  The higher the temperature the higher the evaporation takes place.  When the water vapour gets higher enough, the vapour turns back to liquid droplets -this is called condensation.  When these droplets become to heavy, they fall back to earth as precipitation.  

In our water cycle we added some blue food colouring to the water.  When the water droplets condense -do you think they will be blue?



We'd also really like for you to check out our 3D games.  If you saw them a couple of weeks ago, check them out again -they're even better than before.  If you haven't checked them out yet -click on the link below to try them out.  They're great!  Next week we are going to review each others work.  We'll be posting our gaming videos next week.  Don't miss them!  Bye for now.