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Friday 7th July 2017

Welcome back.  Another amazing week here in Year 4.  We have really had to think this week -we know, how cruel are our teachers to make us do that?surprise

In Science, we were looking once again at sound.  Our teachers showed us 3 glasses of water with differing amounts of water in each.  When they were tapped with a pencil they gave different notes.  When we used tubes, and the we blew over the top of the tube, we got 3 different notes again.  Take a look.

We discovered that when tapped it is the column of water that determines the pitch of the note -long column gave a low note, a short column gave a high note.  When we blow across the top, it is the column of air that determines the pitch of the note -long column of air gives a low note, a short column of air gives a high note.  Amazing eh?  Take a look at some of our write ups.

In Topic, we started to look at the Amazon Rainforest.  We found out some amazing facts.  For example, did you know -


•The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world with over half located in Brazil.

•Tribes of people still live here with no contact to the outside world.

•Deforestation is still an issue in this part of the world.

•It is home to roughly 2.5 million different insect species.


We also found that they rainforest has many different layers -a bit like an onion.frownsurprise

Take a look.

We haven't quite finished our work on this yet, but take a look so far -impressive eh?
See you next week...Oh, before we go -check out our sales pitch below.