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Friday 7th June

This week the children have had a very exciting week!


Linked to our Haigh Hall topic, the children baked and chicken and pea pie! The children took turns making each part of the pie. They then wrote a set on instructions on how to make a pie!


In English we have continued to read Matilda but this week we have described Miss Honey! The children generated vocabulary to describe her using a Role on the Wall and reading the extract from the book. 


In Science we completed our plant investigation. We had grown sunflowers in different conditions, such as in the dark but with water, in light with water and in the dark without water. The children thought the plant that grew the tallest would be the healthiest. However, when we looked at the results, we found that even though the plant with water and light, wasn't the tallest, it was the healthiest due to the colour, condition of the stem and the leaves. 


In Maths the children have learnt about different lines ( parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical)


We hope you have a great weekend!