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Friday 7th May

Good morning Year 2.


Today is a very special day. Today is VE day which marks 75 years since the end of the second world war. After the war had ended, lots of people had street parties to celebrate. Today for our Friday funday, we would like you to design your own street party. You can share your ideas however you prefer - this could be by drawing pictures, writing labels and lists or writing descriptions. You might even want to act out what your party would be like and take photos. However you chose to share your ideas, don't forget to ask your grown ups to send in pictures of what you have done, we absolutely love seeing pictures of you and your work!

We hope you enjoy your tasks today and have a lovely weekend with your families. 

Remember we may not see you every day but we miss you and are thinking of you. You are all doing such a good job that we are sure we will see you again soon!


If you ever want to say hello or tell us what you have been up to, you can message us on Weduc and we will reply!


Lots of love from

The Year 2 Team

x x x

Reception class bubble required to isolate until Saturday 19th June, please refer to the letter in Covid section...