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Friday 7th October

Friday 7th October


Welcome to Year 5F’s blog for this week.


Maths – The children began the week reading temperature on a scale. They had to find the temperature both above and below freezing point (0°C).


Take a look at this website to investigate reading different temperatures with your child at home…

They then looked at how to find the difference between temperatures.


For example, if the temperature was -3° last night but then rose to 4° in the morning, what is the difference between the temperatures?


After that, they looked at how to find the new temperature if it has dropped or risen.


For example, the temperature was -6° but rose by 4°, what is the new temperature?

Or, the temperature was 5° but dropped by 11°, what is the temperature now?


Later in the week, the children moved on to estimating the answer to addition calculations. Before you can actually answer a question you need to know roughly what it will be. This involved the children rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 and then adding them together. After that, they carried out the addition calculation, using a column, and checked to see if their answer was close to their estimation.


For example, 237 + 452 = 689

Estimation…….200 + 500 = 700      


As our answer is close to our estimation we know it is probably correct.       

English – The children began the week by looking at poetry. They investigated some of the features of poems, such as rhyme, repetition, similes (comparing something to another thing using the words as or like…as pale as the moon, fast like a cheetah)), metaphors (saying something is something…rain is a tap dancer, the moon was a ghostly galleon) alliteration (saying the same sound repeatedly…sailing silently across the silver sea), personification (giving an object human qualities…the smiling sun, the sea swallowed the beach with its huge waves) and onomatopoeia (a noisy word that sounds like it is…crash, pop, wallop, splat). They have all written their own poem based around their dreams. It could be about a dream they have had in the past or a dream they have for their future. Their poems are being entered into a nationwide competition entitled ONCE UPON A DREAM.


Take a look on The Young Writer's website for more information about the competition…


Topic – Our topic work has been art based this week. The children have been sketching and painting, using water colours, a variety of the wildfowl that they saw at Martin Mere.


Take a look at some photos from our art lesson…

Science – This week the children have been thinking about what a plant might need in order to grow. They decided it would need light, warmth, water and soil. They then went on to say that it also might need air as plants need carbon dioxide to help make food for themselves. Also, it would need space to grow.


All the children have planted some cress seeds in plastic cups. Each of their planted seeds will be given light, warmth, water and soil in which to grow. However, one group has planted some seeds that will not get any light. Another group have planted seeds that will not be given water. A third group have planted seeds that have been given no soil. Finally, the last group have planted their seeds and placed them in a cold place. They are then going to observe all the seeds over the next week to see which seeds grow the best. The children have all made predictions about what they think will happen to the seeds.


Here are some photos from their Science lessons this week…


Here is our PUPIL OF THE WEEK. She won for her sheer dedication and determination to read every day. She is becoming a more fluent and confident reader. She should be very proud because her teachers are! She went on to be awarded the UPPER PHASE PUPIL OF THE WEEK and gets to keep then trophy at home for the next week. A HUGE well done to her from her classmates and teachers!

All that remains to say is have a lovely weekend and we will see you back in school on Monday.