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Friday 8th December

Congratulations to Archie for receiving the achievement award for impressing Mrs Ford with his mathematical talk and explaining how to use a tens frame to add.



In English we have looked at the story The Snowman. We have had a go at writing the story, you will be impressed - have a look at it in our books on Tuesday if you are coming to our Parent drop in.



We have  been learning about subtraction and we were trying to find the difference. We used the bar model to find the difference by comparing the two (see pictures below). 'Finding the difference' and 'how many more..' are concepts we find really tricky and we need lots of practise if you could help us at home!



In Science we have continued to learn about the 4 seasons and the different things we do and celebrate across the 4 seasons.



In topic we are continuing to think about hot and cold, but in terms of colours! We found out that colours which make us feel warm are red, yellow and orange. Colours which make us feel cold are blue, green, purple and grey. Some of us tried to mix our own colours and we made warm and cold concentric circles.


We know the holiday season is fast approaching and we are very excited! Please can you make sure we are still getting an early night as we are very tired and can find it difficult to concentrate.


We hope that you can join us at our first Parent drop in on Tuesday straight after school. You will be welcome to have a look at your child's books and see some of the work they have done so far this academic year. Miss Rose will also be available during this time if you would like to speak to her. Please note, there is no need for an appointment on this occasion.


Today we celebrated with Mrs Bullen as she spent our last morning in our class and we wished her good luck in her new school.


Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love, 

Miss Rose, Mrs Duckworth and all the Y1F staff