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Friday 8th February

In Maths this week, we have been learning about our number bonds.  We have learnt our number bonds to 10 and 20.  Please practise these with us at home:

0+10=10                                    10+10=20

1+ 9 = 10                                   11+9=20

2+8=10                                      12+8=20

3+7=10                                      13+7=20

4+6=10                                      14+6=20

5+5=10                                      15+5=20

6+4=10                                      16+4=20

7+3=10                                      17+3=20

8+2=10                                      18+2=20

9+1=10                                      19+1=20

10+0=10                                    20+0=20


In English, we have been innovating our new story - How to Catch a Star- by Oliver Jeffers.  This week we have thought about the 3 ways that the boy tried to catch the star in the original text...he climbed a tall object, used a lassoo and asked a flying animal.  We thought of our own new ideas for each and re-wrote the story using our new ideas.


In Science, we have been testing materials to see if they are opaque or transparent.  We had a variety of objects and tested whether we could see through them or not.  We talked about how an opaque material would be better for our spacesuit body and a transparent material for his visor.


In topic, we have been learning about Tim Peake.  We have been learning about his life.  He began life as a helicopter pilot and progressed to being an astronaut.  He was most significant for living in the International Space Station for 6 months in December 2015.


Have a lovely weekend.