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Friday 8th January

A huge welcome to 5W's blog of the week and the first blog of 2016! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New year!



In maths this week we have continued our work from before the half term on multiplication. Some of us have continued looking at short multiplication. Some looked at long multiplication and mastered multiplying 3 digit by 2 digit numbers and even 4 digit by 2 digit numbers. Others continued work on long multiplication, using the partial table method to master this, and even worked on long division with remainders. Have a go at this website to learn all about long multiplication and to play some games. 



The children have looked at a variety of non-fiction texts all about Space and Earth this week. We found out a really interesting fact about a lady called Helen Sharman- the first ever female British astronaut to go to space! We also learned that Dennis Tito was the first non-astronaut to go space and paid around 20 million dollars to go in 2001! 

We then looked at finding facts and opinion statements within texts and had a go at writing our own facts and opinions. We understand that texts can include facts, which are true statements and have been proven true with evidence, whereas an opinion is a personal point of view and is not necessarily true. 



This week we started our new topic all about Earth and Space! The class have really impressed me with all the cool facts and fascinating information they already know about this topic. Lots of children even brought in books from home so they could wow the teachers with more facts! The children produced some really brilliant concept maps detailing what they already know about the topic. 



In science this week the children have been introduced to their topic Earth and Space, creating a mind map of all the things they already know about Earth, the Sun, the Moon and Space and writing questions that they REALLY want to find out by the end of this topic. 


Our certificate winner this week was Morteza for his tremendous effort in maths this week and not giving up, but for also making the teachers and children smile and laugh with his wicked sense of humour. Our other certificate winner was Jamie for being 'Out of this world' in his learning in English this week. Well done to the both of you for having such a fantastic start to 2016! 


Well all that is left to say is have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all on Monday morning.