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Friday 8th July



This weeks pupil of the week is Teigan for impressing her new teacher with her hard work and infectious smile!


We spent Wednesday and Thursday of this week with Mr Price our Year 4 teacher.



On Monday we started the week by solving addition and subtraction word problems using the RUCSAC method! On Tuesday we checked a question was correct by working out the inverse (that means opposite). On Friday we used our knowledge of rounding to help us estimate the answer to addition questions.



This week we have mainly focused on inference and prediction. Inference means we have to read into a characters emotions by looking at their body language and tone of voice. In prediction we were given the opening paragraph to a story and had to predict what was going to happen next.



In science we looked at the three functions of the skeleton and the different joints in our body and how they move.


Euro 2016

We had to say bye to a few more team and on Sunday we will found out who wins the prize!