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Friday 8th July

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog of the week.

This week has been very exciting, we had two transition mornings. This is where the children have the opportunity to meet their new class teachers. 5W were all very excited and had the opportunity to meet and impress their new teachers, Mr Metcalfe and Mrs Lyon. The children all had a wonderful time and they well and truly did impress their year six teachers. You made your year 5 teachers very proud, well done. 



This week the children have been looking at different strategies to multiply and divide numbers mentally. We looked at doubling and halving numbers and how to partition numbers in order to multiply.

The class looked at different ways to multiply by 5, 50 and 25.

To multiply by 5, you simply multiply the number by 10 and then half it.

To multiply by 50, you simply multiply the number by 100 and then half it.

And to multiply by 25, you simply multiply the number by 100, half it and then half it again.



In English this week we have completed a number of SPAG lessons. We have been looking at how to use commas to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity, using speech marks for direct speech and lots of spelling activities. SPAG is extremely important and the children need to be confident in spelling and punctuation as it underpins their writing.



We have continued our topic ‘New England’ this week. The children looked at different landscapes of North America. We looked at natural and man-made landscapes, such as the Grand Canyon, The Hoover Dam and The Niagara Falls. The children completed information sheets about the different landscapes and how important each one is to North America. 


Our certificate winner this week was Emma, for being an outstanding mathematician. She left Mr Metcalfe flabbergasted on transition morning by cracking the caterpillar challenge! Well done you!


Next week will be our Olympic week in Westfield. We look forward to seeing you there and cheering Westfield along.


All that is left to say is have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday morning