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Friday 8th June

Hello and welcome back to our final half term in year 5. Where has the time gone? We hope you had a good break in the sunshine and are ready for some hard but fun work to do!



We started the week on consolidation of rounding decimals to one and two decimal places.

This was followed by adding and subtracting decimals before working on some maths problems involving decimals.


We carried on our work on ‘Bill’s New Frock’. We thought about what it would be like to be Bill. We used thesauruses to find synonyms to help us write a diary entry. Miss Power also wanted us to include relative clauses in our writing. This is a subordinate clause that describes a noun.-who, which, that

e.g. My usually observant mum, who has known me all my life, didn’t even recognise that I’d changed!

We’ve also had some assessments, on computer, to see how much progress we’ve made.


We looked at water resistance this week. Miss Power gave us some modelling clay and asked us to make different 3D shapes; that we were going to drop in a cylinder of water. The test was to see which shape provided the most/ least water resistance. As usual we had to make some predictions before the test.


We moved on to our new topic ‘Ancient Greece’. Our first job was to use atlases to locate where in the world Greece is. Colouring and labelling a map, finding out some facts about Greece was the next task.

Do you know any of the Greek Gods/ Goddesses?

Treat of the week

We were lucky enough to have a musical experience in the hall this week; a quintet of musicians playing brass instruments. It was really loud, but really good all the same.



Happy Birthday to Niamh; who celebrated her birthday in the half term break. Hope you had a lovely day!



Pupil of the week is Codie Moore for a much improved attitude to all aspects of school life. Well done, keep it up!




Enjoy your weekend!