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Friday 8th June 2018

Hello, and welcome back to Year 4 Blog.  We hope you had a lovely half term break and made the most of the beautiful sunshine we have had.

In English this week we have been writing.  We looked at a short animation called Road's End.  It's great!  Say, why not take a look?

Road's End

Here is a short film that I re-created the sound design for. All credit of this film belongs to the Art Institute of Washington, and The Ringling College of Art and Design

Don't you agree, it's great.  Our task was to retell the story.  And, we did that brilliantly.  What we tried to do was leave the reader with the same questions that are at the end as the animation.  Who was the stranger?  Was he a ghost?  Was the stranger caught up in a loop that went on forever?  Great isn't it?  We loved it, and produced some really good writing from it.

In Maths, we finished our topic on statistics by looking at pictograms.  We like pictograms as they are very visual ways of showing data.  Why not try your hand at a pictogram with this super online activity.  Here

With just a few weeks left in our Year 4 journey our teachers asked us which class reader would we like to read to end the year.  Well, you know how passionate we have been about our readers.  You remember how much we raved about Podkin One-Ear?  Polar Bear Explorers Club?  Who can forget the cat hero Varjak Paw, or the alien from Perijee and Me?  All great books.  So when we were asked...there really could only be one book to finish off Year 4 in true literary style.