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Friday 8th March

Friday 8th March


Welcome back to this week’s blog from Year 5F. As always, it has been a busy week.


Maths – This week we have continued investigating fractions. The children begun by comparing unit fractions (where the numerator has a value of one). They built a comparison wall so that they could clearly see the difference in size. Next, they investigated unlike fractions (where the denominators are different) so they had to make them both the same. This is a bit trickier but with great determination the children have all mastered the concept.


Look at all the maths involved in solving a fraction problem…


Which is bigger1/2 or 3/7?

This website explains a little further and allows you to have a turn yourself…

English – This week the children have been looking, in detail, at cohesive devices. These are techniques that can be used to ‘glue’ writing together and make it flow. In particular, they have been investigating how to use conjunctions (joining words) and fronted adverbials. Here is a definition of a fronted adverbial…


'Fronted' adverbials are 'fronted' because they have been moved to the front of the sentence, before the verb. In other words, fronted adverbials are words or phrases at the beginning of a sentence, used to describe the action that follows.


The children have also been learning about using pronouns some of the time in their writing. This means using words like he, she, we, its instead of keep repeating the character’s name all the time.

Topic – The children have begun their new topic all about mountains. Using maps, they have looked at where different mountain ranges can be found around the world. Also, using tablets, they have researched mountains and mountain ranges and begun to create a poster all about mountains.


Science – The children have been learning about balanced and unbalanced forces. They discovered that every force has another force acting against it. When forces are balanced, the state of motion does not change.


Here is our certificate winner this week. She won for her independent work on fractions this week. She listened and applied herself well – leading to some excellent work in Maths. Well done from all of us in Year 5F!

All that remains to say is have a great weekend and we will see you again on Monday.