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Friday 9th February

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog. Can’t believe it’s the penultimate week before we break up for half term!


We began the week looking at bus stop method of division. If we can master this, it is a much quicker way of doing division. It goes without saying that knowing our tables makes it easier!


We then moved onto division with remainders.



(360÷7=50 r1)

(12÷7=1 r5)



Speech marks or inverted commas were our focus to start the week. Following this we were given a picture of the Iron Man and listed lots of descriptive phrases around it. This was in preparation for completing a WANTED poster. We decided he was wanted for littering the beach with metal debris, causing an environmental disaster!




Learning about Tim Peake (a British astronaut) was our science focus. Did you know Tim trained as a pilot and was in the army for 18 years before he applied to become an astronaut in 2008?


Our trip to Jodrell Bank was amazing!, It was such an action packed day, however Mrs Cosgrove did manage to take a few photos. We couldn’t believe how big the Lovell Telescope was and we had great fun conducting some experiments on the Solar System.

Read some of our summaries and view the photos.


Pupil of the week

This was rather special this week, as it went to not one but… four girls. Leah, Ruby, Amber F and Amber R for an effort that is out of this world!! The girls have not only shown a fascination in our Science and Topic in school, but have gone home and made their very own Space and Solar System Projects! All of which have been displayed on our boards.

We weren’t the only ones who thought this as they were awarded the trophy to share. Well done girls!!!




A very Happy Birthday to Danika, who celebrated this week. We hope you had a ‘fab’ time!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week.