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Friday 9th February

Friday 9th February


Welcome to Y5F’s blog for this week! This week has been extremely busy with two trips out of school as well as lots of hard work going on!


On Tuesday, it was SAFER INTERNET DAY. The children discussed ways to keep themselves safe when using the internet and designed posters using their ideas. They also went on to write acrostic poems about being SMART on the internet. Take a look at Oskar's work...

Here is a link to the Safer Interent Day website which is packed with tips on how to help you keep your child safe on the internet.

Maths – This week in Maths the children have continued to investigate short division. This week they have been learning to use the bus stop method to speed up their division calculations.


Take a look at this PowerPoint which helps to explain how to use the ‘bus stop’ method in more detail…

English – This week we have continued working using our class novel, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have produced WANTED posters for The Iron Man as he has disappeared after falling off a cliff. His body parts have been scattered far and wide! They have written detailed descriptions of his appearance using adjectives, similes and metaphors.


Topic – On Wednesday, all of Year 5 visited Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. Have a look at their website which will give you more information about the centre and what it has to offer.

All of the children had the MOST AMAZING time. Highlights of the day were…


< seeing just how COLOSSAL the Lovell Telescope actually is as they had a walk around its circumference

< visiting the planetarium and learning all about the stars in the night sky and where to find them

< completing a range science experiments that were all based around space

< ‘hands on’ physics investigations including creating a water vortex, racing kinetic wheels and passing messages using whispering dishes


Here are some photographs of our AMAZING day there…

Science – This week the children have been learning all about how the earth’s rotation on its axis causes day and night. In addition, they have completed a comprehension activity all about Tim Peake. This included facts about his life and career.


On Tuesday, the children visited St. Francis of Assisi Church in Kitt Green, where they met the Reverend Denise Hayes. The children impressed her with how much they have already learned about church features, both inside and out. They asked her lots of really interesting questions about her work in the church. Then they had some time to explore the church. Here are some pictures of their time at St. Francis…


Our CERTIFICATE WINNER this week was all of Year 5F for their exceptional behaviour on not one, but TWO trips this week! Well done Year 5 – you made us very proud.

We would like to wish you all a fantastic weekend and we will see you again on Monday.