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Friday 9th February

A freezing week this week but its hasn't put anyone off in Y6W as it's been our usual busy week.


In English we have watched a short animation called Before Sunrise which is being used as the inspiration for lots of written work over this week and next. A lonely shadow does not fit in with his mischievous, trouble-making kind and in his loneliness comes across a mesmerising candle. Could this be the answer to his dreams? 


In maths, we have introduced algebra which is certainly nothing to worry about as it merely deals with unknown values which can be worked out from clues. If 2b + 3 = 17, then b must be 7 since 2 lots of 7 is 14 which becomes 17 when 3 is added. 


In topic we have been introduced to the importance of Lord Shaftesbury, from Victorian times, who worked to improve the conditions children had to work in back then. We have written to him (posthumously, of course) to thank him for what he did.


Til next week!