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Friday 9th June

Friday 9th June


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F, the final half term of the school year. We just CANNOT believe how quickly this year has flown by!


Maths – This week the children have been investigating different units of measurement. They have been looking at the relationship between millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), metres (m) and kilometres(km). Did you know that there are 10mm in 1cm? Also, there are 100cm in 1m and 1000m in 1km. The children have been converting between these measurements. For example…


10mm=1cm therefore 70mm=7cm, 150mm=15cm and 129mm=12.9cm. You work these conversions out by dividing by 10 every time.


Alternatively, if you wish to change cm into mm then you would multiply by 10. So…


1cm=10mm therefore 4cm=40mm, 59cm=590mm and 23.1cm=231mm


Take a look at this website which allows you to practise converting between mm, cm, m and km at home (please excuse the American spellings on the website)…

English – This week the children have been looking at nature documentaries and how the voiceover enhances the actual film footage. They watched some clips of nature documentaries including some by the AMAZING Sir David Attenborough. The children viewed a short clip from the beginning of this episode about the Galapagos Islands. All three episodes in the series are available to watch here on the following link…

The children are going to be producing their own nature documentary and this week have begun researching the animal they want to write about. They have been using laptops to find out facts about their animal’s diet, habitat and appearance. Using these facts, they will begin to write a script to ‘voiceover’ their documentary.


Topic – The children have been introduced to their final topic of the year which is entitled NEW ENGLAND. They have been learning about the Pilgrim Fathers and their journey on The Mayflower to New England in America. They managed to board 102 passengers on The Mayflower as well as between 25 and 30 crew members. They set sail from Plymouth on September 6th 1620. The journey across the Atlantic Ocean took 66 days and the ship faced storms as well as running out of fresh water to drink which caused illness. Two people died on the voyage and a baby was born! They spotted Cape Cod on November 9th and the Pilgrims searched the coast of New England for a good place to build a settlement. They eventually found a location called Plymouth. It had a calm harbour for their ship, a river for fresh water, and flat lands where they could plant crops. It was here that they built their village and established the Plymouth Colony.


PHSE – This week the children have been finding out what happens in a General Election. They learned facts about who can vote, where they vote and how to fill in the ballot form. They have looked at all seven of the major political parties (Conservative Party, Green Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Plaid Cymru, Scottish National Party -SNP- and United Kingdom Independence Party -UKIP) and some of their key manifesto ideas. They have learned the names of all the party leaders and what the emblem for each party is.


Here is our CERTIFICATE WINNER for this week. A big well done to David from all of Year 5F. His knowledge and interest have impressed us all. He told us that he had learned a lot of his facts from watching Horrible Histories!

Here is The Pilgrims Rap taken from Horrible Histories that David learned so much about the Pilgrims from.

All that remains to say is have a fabulous weekend and we will see you again on Monday.