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Friday 9th June 2017

Welcome back to Year 4's week in view.  We hope you had a great half-term break.  We're still busy, busy, busy here as you'll find out by reading our blog.


First of all, a huge congratulations to Duncan this week for receiving both our class certificate AND the trophy! Go Duncan.


In English, we have been looking at how ideas can be implied and stated in texts.  Sometimes these can be quite obvious, and sometimes you really need to think.  Take a look at this text and see if you can predict what will happen next from what is implied.

What do you think will happen next in this story?  What evidence in the text makes you think this?


In Maths this week we have been looking at co-ordinates.

Co-ordinate numbers are shown like this (1, 4).  One way of remembering which number is on the x axis and which number is on the y axis is that x comes before y in the alphabet. This means our first number goes along  the x axis, and the second goes up the y axis.  So in this example we would go along the x axis one step, then up the y axis 4 steps.

Try out this online activity from Topmarks to see how well you know your coordinates.  Click here


On Wednesday, we recorded some of the songs we have been singing this year.  We love singing - take a listen on the links below - and please feel free to song along at home.

Cup Song

Friday I'm in Love