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Friday 9th March 2018

How exciting!  We had a snow day!  Well, wasn’t actually a full day…and we did see some snow in the morning.  Exciting huh?

Well, what have we been up to this week, we hear you ask?  We’ll tell you.

On Tuesday afternoon, we got to see the amazing Year 3 Special Person Assembly.  It was great.  We’re sure that the parents loved it on Wednesday.  They were great.

In Maths we have been looking at fraction and decimal fraction equivalents.  To begin with, it appeared difficult.  But as always when we find something difficult, we stuck with it and we got there.

We needed to know the decimal equivalents for one quarter, one half and 3 quarters.   But we are that good we also looked at tenths and hundredths.

Take a look at his online game -have a go for yourself. Here


In English, we needed to do a piece of independent writing for our teachers to assess.  We wrote an interview with the boy from our wordless book that we have been looking at.  We worked really hard.  Our teachers are not only proud of our efforts but also the progress we are making.

Take a look at some of our work below.

We will post some photos next week.