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Friday 9th November

Friday 9th November


Welcome to this half term’s first blog from Year 5F. It has been another busy week!


Maths – The children have been investigating number families. Number families are four number sentences that belong together in a family.


For example…






The children were given triangles with a missing number and they had to then write the four number sentences that belonged in the family. This picture helps to explain the task…

After that, they moved onto number families with an empty box. They discovered that if they wrote all four number sentences, one of them would have the empty box at the end. This would then enable them to work out the calculation.


For example…







Have a look at this website which gives you some examples of number families to try for yourself…

English – This week, the children have been investigating the features of a diary. They have looked at extracts from diaries and annotated the features. Also, they have been looking at the endings of past tense verbs.


Science – The children have completed a short assessment quiz on plants to complete our topic. Moving on, they have learned about the different stages in the lifecycle of a frog. Watch this short film from the BBC which shows how a frog develops…

Topic – The children have been learning about the Vikings. They discovered that they came from Denmark, Sweden and Norway and came to Britain to invade. They recorded what they had found on maps.


Here is our certificate winner this week. He won for having an excellent week, working hard in every lesson – particularly in RE where he produced a fabulous mood board on what makes him happy.

All that remains to say is have a great weekend. We will see you again on Monday.