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Friday 9th September

Welcome to the first Year 3W blog of the year!


And welcome back to school!

There has been a lot of changes this week, as the children move into Key Stage Two and into year 3. The children have dealt with it fantastically!


We have had a busy first week and have hit the ground running!


This weeks pupil of the week deservedly went to the whole class!



In maths this week we have looked at Place value of 3 digit numbers. On Tuesday we had to represent these numbers physically using base 10. On Wednesday we had to partition the 3 digit number and give the value of an underlined number! We were all fab at this. On Thursday and Friday we were reading and writing numbers up to 1000 in both numerals and in words. 



This week Mr Fletcher was keen to find out what we had been up to over the summer holidays. So on Tuesday we drew a storyboard of our summer holidays and on Wednesday we had to choose our favourite events to write about in paragraphs. It was the first time we had written in paragraphs but Mr Fletcher was impressed. Thursday was our time to proof-read and edit our writing to make sure it was ready for Friday, so we could write our final piece in best!



We started to look at our new topic 'What A Wonderful World'. First we created a front cover to show the new topic. Then we looked at oceans and continents. We learnt a song to help us name them! Don't forget there are seven continents! Next week we will look at the continents in greater detail. 



In science we started looking at Animals Including Humans. We started by looking at the different nutrition groups and why humans need food. There are 3 main reasons, do you know them?



In P.E we are learning how to take part in team games. We started with rugby and learnt how to carry the ball correctly, score a try, also how to catch & pass!



Bonjour! We have learnt all about the country of France! We learnt about their famous landmarks, capital city, cuisine, culture and currency. Next week we will start to learn their language.


Make sure you come back next week to find out what we've been up to!