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Hello and welcome to 5W’s blog. Well, we’ve hit the road running as they say; lots of hard work to get our brains working!


We carried on this week with place value. In year 5 we should know how to read and write numbers in the millions. As you know, numbers in the millions have at least 7 digits.

Eg. 3,542,861 This says -Three million, five hundred and forty-two thousand, eight hundred and sixty one.

Following this we had to order numbers from smallest to largest and following that we had to round some numbers to 10, 100, and 1000.


Try the interactive rounding game.


After reading another chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together, we started the week with some sentence work and past tense. We looked at the five ways to change the verb in the sentence.

  • Add ‘ed’
  • Double the consonant
  • Dropping the final ‘e’
  • Change ‘y’ to an ‘i’ then add ‘ed’
  • Change the spelling

dress becomes dressed

drop becomes dropped

like becomes liked

try becomes tried

take becomes too

We also looked at some irregular verbs eg ring becomes rang.

Working on some super sentences 2AD and B.O.Y.S helped us write our first drafts about Charlie.


Our first topic is Woodlands and Wetlands. We started by making a mind map of what we think we will find in a woodland and wetland. Following this we looked at and named the symbols used when reading maps. We also wrote a letter to the Ordnance Survey about ways to improve their symbols.



This year we are lucky to have Mr Price, from Year 4 coming to teach us. Our first topic is to make a documentary around our topic Woodlands and Wetlands.

It’s going to be very exciting!


Pupil of the week is…

Henley, for simply being Henley! Always ready to learn, tries his best in all he does, displays a mature attitude and is already an excellent Y5 role model!



A very happy birthday to Liliana who celebrated her birthday this week. We hope you had a lovely day and thank you for treats.


On Wednesday, as you know, we had our school photos taken. We all looked very smart in our informs and gave our best beaming smiles!


Well, we’ll say bye for now, have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.