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Hinning House Blog

Thursday 25th October - evening

Hope you have enjoyed our photographs from our walk to Border End this morning!

This afternoon, we went ghyll scrambling, and what amazing fun we have had.


After a delicious roast dinner and homemade ice cream cake, the preparation for the journey home has begun! Bags have begun to be packed, and the drying room is nearly empty.

Love to all our families, friends and Westfield staff. We will see you all tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday 25th October

Lunchtime - Look at what we have done this morning!




We have climbed Border End, and feel great.
This afternoon, we are all going gyhll scrambling, so expect to get soaking wet!

Will take more photographs at the ghyll.

Hope you all have a fantastic afternoon.

Love to all our families.

Wednesday 24th October



We met the rest of Year 6 at Tarn Hows - a brilliant surprise for us all. The walk around the tarn  was fab - we saw a giant redwood tree which was HUGE! In the photo, we are not tree hugging, just trying to measure the circumference of the trunk.

After our walk, TREAT TIME! Bill, Chris, Keith and Joe drove us to Coniston lake for a delicious ice cream, and a paddle in the water. Some of us got a bit wet !!!!! ( See photographs)

Tea tonight - chicken Norma and .... ice cream.

Mrs Evans, Mrs Melling and Carl arrived, taking over from Mrs Walton and Mrs Lyon.

A big hello to all of Year 6 - we hope you all had a great journey home.

From All of us at Hinning House xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Hi, this is a quick update as we are EXHAUSTED!!!!! We have attached a few pictures showing what exciting things we have done today. 

We have enjoyed mountain biking through mud and the river - even the teachers had a go!!!!! We also completed a lone walk........with no teachers (well they told us they weren't there, but we could see them following us!)

For tea, we had Pasta bolognaise. It has been another fantastic day......bring on tomorrow!!!





After a long journey on the coach, we piled into two mini buses and made our way along the long, windy, country roads up to Hinning House. We enjoyed our lunch and then got ready to take part in our first afternoon activity. 

We set off for a walk to explore our local area, which will be home for the next 5 days. 

As you can see by the photos, we had great fun standing under a waterfall!!!!! 

Our first tea has been delicious - sausage, potatoes and peas...Yummmmmm!!

This evening, we have been out on a night walk, with torches, to see a haunted house!! It's not really hanted but it looked a bit spooky!! It was amazing to see how dark it actually was when we turned off our torches, it was so much darker than at home!!!!

We have finished the day off with a lovely hot-chocolate and a rice-crispie cake. 

Sending a huge hello to our families, friends and the rest of year 6!! We hope you enjoyed your trip to Rivington today. 

Mrs Evans and Mrs France, we had an outdoor science lesso today! We found LOADS of fantastic varieties of micro-organisms today...... there was FUNGHI everywhere in the woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will blog soon

Hello Everyone - News from us all at Hinning House.


We had a real treat on Wednesday. We met all of our Year 6 friends from Westfield in Coniston along with Mr Sherriff, Mrs Walton, Mrs Evans, Mr Moore, Keith and Grandpa Joe for a mountain walk and picnic lunch. It was FANTASTIC  to see everyone and have a good chat.


Dave and Keith led us on a BIG, LONG mountain walk. 2 groups walked one way and the other 2 groups walked the other way. It  was a challenge for us all because the paths were very steep. Quite a few of us had rosy red cheeks as the walk went on. Lewis said " The walk was really hard but the views were fantastic from the top". Ben said " This has been one of the best days of my life!".

All too soon it was time to wave good bye to our friends going back to Westfield. There was a bit of a surprise because we said goodbye to Mrs France and Mrs Lyon and hello to Mrs Walton and Mrs Evans. It is the very first visit to Hinning House for both of them. Mrs Walton said excitedly " I can't wait to have fun and do some exciting activities".

Mrs France took us for a treat ice cream at Coniston lake and before long we were all paddling and getting rather wet. " I got totally soaked but had great fun " replied Lauren when asked about the lake.

After a delicious tea - chicken curry and rice - we went on a night walk to ........ A HAUNTED HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk . Guess what we discovered ? ............ IT'S NOT HAUNTED AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!. Most of us were very happy indeed.

Hot chocolate, biscuits and quiet time in cosy corner followed then bed.


house ready for lunchtime! 


Our first impression was that Hinning House was very spacious. We were introduced to: Dave, Keith, Colin and Norma. Norma and Colin work at Hinning House. Colin wears many hats - he drives the minibus, helps in the kitchen and maintains the building. Norma cooks all the food and we have had a delicious tea - sausages, jacket potato, and sweetcorn followed by glorious, mouth-watering cherry crumble...YUMMY!! "This was the best tea I've had in ages!" remarked Keighan, who liked it so much he had seconds!

This afternoon, we went on a lovely walk up a hill and when we were coming down, Jack found a stream full of sheep bones and wanted to bring the sheep skull home.   

Mum might be glad to know we put it back in the water! Ha ha! 

Most of us went in the stream and got soaked up to the waist, thank goodness for waterproofs! The wind was was so ferocious that we feared the trees would be blown down. Dave said the wind was about 40 miles an hour - a bad-hair day all round!!  Some children tried to avoid the bogs but others just didn't care how wet they got! We are looking forward to our hot chocolate supper and we can't wait to see what adventures we'll discover tomorrow!  

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